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Designers of today have to deal with challenges our predecessors never even came across. We live in a world where there is too much noise in design, and it gets harder by the day to stand out in the world of spatial design. At the same time, designers are burdened with needing to strike a balance between commercial and environmental values as they deploy their ideas.

The role of the designers of tomorrow must be redefined with a clear vision. Designers are no longer providing only a framework for the hardware aspects of space; they are also required to think about how people would interact with the software of the space.

We want to acknowledge the evolution of designers through the following statements:

  1. There is a massive paradigm shift from constructing a building to developing a city for communities.
  2. The focus of design has awakened aesthetics to a deeper level of emotional understanding for the needs of the people.
  3. Designers are required to make essential decisions to maximise commercial value while protecting the important aspects of nature.


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