The Project | FAQs

  1. Who is eligible to participate in Asia Young Designer Award 2016?

    This contest is open to:

    • Third-year interior design students onwards. [Interior Design Category]

    • Third-year architectural students onwards. [Architecture Category]

    All participants must be enrolled in an educational institution majoring in interior design or architecture and is a member to AYDA Partner Organization (PIID/CIDE & UAP/CODHASP)

  2. How many design projects can I submit?

    You may submit only 1 (ONE) project per year per student.

  3. Can I work with a group?

    NO. This is an individual design competition.

  4. What will be the grand prize for Asia Young Designer Award 2016?

    The grand prize winner will receive:

    GOLD AWARD: 6-month Internship opportunity from Lor Calma & Partners and Aidea, Inc. + Php 50,000 cash prize and a chance to meet world-renowned industry leaders at the AYDA Learning Program in Bangkok, Thailand in 2017 to represent the Philippines in the Regional AYDA 2016 competition with a USD1,000 cash prize.

  5. Where can I get more details about the competition?

    • You can find out more about the competition by visiting our official Asia Young Designer Award 2016 website: for tips, news and other relevant updates regarding the contest.

  6. Who are the supporting partners of Asia Young Designer Award 2016?

    • United Architects of the Philippines

    • Council of Deans and Heads of Architecture Schools in the Philippines (CODHASP)

    • Philippine Institute of Interior Designers (PIID)

    • AIDEA, Inc.

    • Lor Calma & Partners

  7. Where can I get the contest Entry Form?

    The entry form can be downloaded from

  8. How long or short should my design statement be?

    Your design statement should be no more than 1,000 words, well written in Microsoft Word file format.

  9. What colours can I use in my design project submission?

    • All colours used in your design project submission must be from Nippon Paint’s product range, clearly illustrated with the right colour names, colour codes and product range.

    • Colour chips can be downloaded from here.

  10. Since we are required to use Nippon Paint colour chips,are we supposed to submit colourful designs?What are the expectations in terms of colours?

    • Yes, you are required to use Nippon Paint colour chips but you are FREE to use any shade or colour that is appropriate for your design concept.

    • Please note that the use of Nippon Paint colour chips is required but this doesn’t necessarily mean that design should be focusing on colours. Please bear in mind that COLOUR APPROPRIATENESS should always be considered.

  11. Do I need to utilize the whole 10-acre land proposed in the design brief for the Architecture Category?

    • No, not necessarily. You are free to utilize the proposed site, as long as it is within its boundary lines. Your design proposal should state its architectural purpose, supporting the program and responding to the essence of the site with a cohesive design concept.

  12. Can I do manual rendering?

    Yes, you can use any medium- 3d rendering or manual rendering as long as you follow the submission requirements.


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