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Architecture & Interior Design Category


Interior Design Category

Architecture Category



Project Category

Architecture and Interior Design students

Project Layout Size

Less than 2,800 sqm.

Less than 40,400 sqm.

Participants Requirements

3rd year to 4th year

3rd year to 5th year

Submission Limit


Project Requirements

Name and Theme / Concept
All projects must start with the projects’ title and theme / concept

Design Concept Statement
Design statement should not be more than 1,000 words, saved as Microsoft Word format. It should be included in the USB, CD or DVD for submission



        At least 3, but not more than 5, boards are to be submitted. Based on the digital copy, your boards must meet the following criteria:

      • Show existing site photos (if applicable), property/site developer (if applicable), floor plan, elevation, furniture layout plan and site analysis

      • Show 3D perspectives. See submission requirements under ‘Colours’ on the use of colour

      • The digital version of the A2 boards of the project on USB, CD/DVD should be saved in a folder

      • In the digital copy of the project on USB flash drive/CD/DVD, the design of the A2 board must be saved in a folder named "Presentation Board", with the file name set as "Your Name – Board 1". The design statement needs to be included.

      • All required image files must be in 300dpi, in JPEG format ONLY.

      • All colours used in the project must be from the Nippon Paint's product range.

      • All colours used in the design must be clearly illustrated with the Nippon Paint's colour name, colour code and product range. Please visit to download the colour chips.

      • Submissions should not include the Participant’s profile and the education institution details on top of the presentation board to ensure the anonymous judging of the competition.


        Required images include:

      • Your personal photo

      • Individual perspectives at A4 size (minimum). These must be saved in a folder entitled “Perspective”. The JPEG file should follow the naming convention based on “area”. For example: Living room/Lobby.

      • All required image files must be at 300 dpi in JPEG format ONLY.

      • Label all areas on the floor plan.

      • Perspectives in your Presentation Boards must be in A3, A4 or A5 sizes and pasted on the boards.

      • The Entry Form must be attached or affixed as a cover page when submitting the entry in a USB, CD/DVD submission.

      • Do not place your name or other identifying information on your boards to ensure anonymity during judging

      • All colours used in the project, if any, must be from Nippon Paint’s range of colours.

      • Indicate in the Entry Form which Nippon Paint country the colour chips are from as each country has different sets of colour names and colour codes.

      • All colours used in the design must be clearly illustrated with Nippon Paint’s colour names, colour codes, and product ranges. Please visit to download the colour chips.

Submission Method

Submission Deadline:

All completed entries must be submitted on or before November 22, 2019.

For sending entires, please contact your respective college/university Deans for the pick-up schedule.

For Inquiries, Please Contact:

MR. MICHAEL QUILILAN: +63 920 818 3474 / or MR. NEZRALD LANDICHO: +63 906 770 7096

You can also send your inquiries via email: .

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