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Great designers have always found ingenious ways to resolve contradictions and conventions, merging the present with the future in ways that surprise, delight, and stand the test of time.

Today, the challenges facing designers go far beyond the traditional tension between form and function. How can we balance the needs of urbanisation and sustainability? The natural world and the built environment? Take advantage of digital connectivity while maintaining interpersonal bonds? Be locally relevant but globally applicable? And give equal weight to the needs of the community and the individual?

Designers who solve these problems will redefine the future of the spaces in which we all live, work, and play. Their projects will enrich the lives of both individuals and communities.

But a clear and compelling creative vision is not enough. The challenges of our region, economies and societies demand solutions that are sound and realistic to the urban context. The implementation goes beyond materiality, processes and disruptive technology that are both economically and environmentally viable.

As designers, we are creating a sense of physical and emotional security, accessibility and opportunity, health and well-being. Only in the coming together of a strong vision and a practical roadmap will we be able to design an environment that is sustainable for future generations.

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