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In a forwardlooking and advancing society, it is critical that we anticipate our needs of tomorrow.

The needs of each individual dweller, the needs of the specific community and the needs of the society as a whole – how do we envision the living of tomorrow? How would one, as a visionary designer, craft the structure and space that would meet the needs of tomorrow? And how would the design be resilient through the years?

By ‘future proofing’, we can predict the way we live, work, play and interact with the environment in the coming years. Thus, it is paramount for designers to take into consideration and fully immerse themselves in the social, economic and environmental context of the future dwellers in its entirety.

Each time and space has its own wonders and great structures to capture those moments from its conceptualisation stage, as envisioned by the designer. We also need to be cognisant that whilst creating purposeful ‘brick-and-mortar’ designs, we should always be reminded to incorporate and subsequently build the ‘heartand-soul’ elements into the project intent.


In its 10th installment, the Asia Young Designer Award pays homage to the term ‘future-proof designs’ through its theme – You for Tomorrow. The theme aims to challenge the foresight and technical ability of today’s designers to create a design concept that is relevant and meaningful, and meets the needs of tomorrow’s dwellers and societies. Merit is given to those whose designs transcend the trends of today and stand the test of relevance of the future.

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