Interior Design | Judging Criteria

Judging Criteria

Design Concept Statement & Oral Presentation - 25%

  • Your write-up will be the rst component on the presentation board to be reviewed by our judges. Refer to page 8 for the full requirements. Your oral presentation should be properly structured to convey your design concept/ message to the judges.

Green & Sustainable Design Concept - 20%
Climate, energy & water

  • Demonstrate optimisation of the usage of energy and other resources in order to reduce load, increase efficiency and utilise renewable energy resources.

Building material & Ecological Environment

  • Demonstrate the use of eco-friendly materials and construction techniques aimed at reducing environmental pollution. These will help prevent negative health effects and create safer working environments.

Indoor environment quality (IEQ)

  • The IEQ of a building has a great impact on its occupants’ health, comfort and productivity. A sustainable building will maximise the use of natural lighting and ventilation, as much as the building typology and other site-specific conditions allow.

Green innovation practice

  • The design should include, where appropriate, both passive design strategies (usually low-tech) as well as active systems (usually high-tech) and incorporate eco-friendly materials and systems that require less maintenance, less resources, fewer chemicals, and are cost-effective throughout the lifespan of a building.

Design Innovation - 30%

  • Designs to be appropriate for their intended use and have a positive impact that benefits the community as a whole.

Space Planning

  • Appropriate design and planning of individual spaces as suited to their specific needs, with an emphasis on anthropometric and ergonomics principles.

Redefinition of space

  • Design idea to be innovative, creative, and beneficial to the users and the public at large.

Contextual Appropriateness

  • Innovative designs to create hope for a better world and also become the ideal model for other areas to follow.

Colour Concept - 25%
Colour Harmony

  • Create a harmonious colour palette and balance between the selected colours.

Colour coordination

  • Ensure colours work together in highlighting the design elements.

Colour innovation

  • Implement creative use of colours to produce a prominent design that stands out.

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