The Project | The Briefs

The Briefs


The shapes and structures around us influence the way we behave. With this in mind, what would you create to improve the way we live?

Design an architectural piece that uses a unique way to address a need. Think out of the box and put a new spin on dealing with familiar problems we face in our daily life. It could be the deep of the jungle or in the heart of the city but it needs to give a new twist to solving problems. Let your design shape a whole new perspective on the impact of architectural design on our world. Your project layout’s size must be below 10 acres or 4 hectares.


With daily routines making it very easy to take our repetitive behaviours for granted, ideas that make the most of the littlest design opportunities can greatly improve the lifestyles of many.

Envision a space that takes into consideration the social, economical and cultural aspects of design, making it conducive for its users to carry out their activities. Whether it is a location for personal use, a corporate workspace or a public facility, come up with a design that addresses a crucial need and fulfils its purpose well beyond expectations, in a remarkable, new way. Your project layout’s size can go up to a maximum of 30,000 square feet or 2,787 square meters.

Remember to consider:

  • Creativity: the originality of your idea

  • Efficiency: practicality and organisation

  • Comfort: the ease of use

  • Sustainability: the ability to last through the future

  • Purpose: the scale of the need and how well it fulfils its purpose

  • Heart for the community: catering to the community’s needs

  • Green design: eco-friendly designs that are beneficial to the environment

Design Concept Statement

Your write-up (with a maximum of 1,000 words) will be the first component on the presentation board to be reviewed by the judges.

It needs to answer the following:

Your Design Process

  1. What inspired you to come up with this design? How does it relate to “Be Bold. Be Free. Be You” which is the theme of AYDA 2016?

  2. What is the concept behind your design and its style?

  3. How can your design benefit the community living in or around it?

  4. Why were the selected colour schemes chosen?

  5. What is your design’s impact on the environment?For example, how does it affect the environment based on concept, materials, maintenance, energy usage, water, and waste management?

Your Research Process

  1. Was there an element or a person that influenced your design?

  2. What was your research method like?

  3. Who was your main source of information during research?

  4. What questions did you consider during research?

  5. Was the research method you used sound?

  6. What did you learn from your research findings?

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